About Us

Jaya Suri-Singh, Founder

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Jaya gained an appreciation of her Indian heritage and fluency in both Hindi and English through her parents, both first-generation immigrants. Upon starting her own family in 2003, Jaya searched for age-appropriate products to assist her in teaching her own children Hindi. When she was unable to find anything, she decided to create an animated video using lovable characters that both parents and children could relate to. She wanted to teach the basics such as colors, numbers, family tree
and much more through a fun and interactive learning tool.  After a few years of testing, hard work and dedication, Rahul and Selena’s Adventure in India is finally here for all to enjoy.  The video will also be available soon in other languages, including Gujarati and Tamil. 

“I really want to preserve and pass on my Indian Heritage to my children. I understand how difficult it is, especially in our generation to teach a second language. I wanted to put something out there that would be fun for both parents and kids to learn from.
I hope this video will be a stepping stone to further the love of learning Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil” 


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