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“Since my husband is from an Indian family, it is very important to us that our children are exposed to his language and culture. I loved Rahul and Selena’s Adventure in India because it combined the perfect set of beginning vocabulary – words that kids use everyday – with a sense of adventure and excitement associated with going to India. After watching this video our kids can’t wait to go themselves!  It also demonstrated the importance of family relationships in Indian culture, which my husband appreciated.”
New York, New York

 "My 2 yr old boy doesn't easily sit still, but when we played Rahul and Selena’s Adventure in India, he was glued to his seat! The songs and colors really connected with him. Thank you for producing this video--as parents we need all the help we can get!" 
Los Angeles, California 

 "We are usually skeptical of language videos. For whatever reason they don't seem to work as well as an in-person tutor. This video was different--entertaining, educational, and ADDICTIVEfor the whole family (myself included). I plan to buy it for all my Hindi-speaking friends who are trying to pass along our culture."  
Dad - New York, New York  

I think this video is great!  I especially like the fact that there is actually a story that incorporates the learning . . . a story that is not only interesting, but characters that our kids can actually relate to. With extended families being a thing of the past, we’ve lost many of our cultural ties, language being the most obvious.  This video will be a great tool for the many parents out there struggling with this issue everyday.  I definitely plan to circulate it among my friends!
Mom - Raleigh, North Carolina

Rahul and Selena’s Adventure in India is the creation of someone who not only understands the needs of today's parents but of educators. As a teacher for primary to middle-school students, I am constantly looking for ways to motivate and inspire young kids in all areas. Learning different languages is essential for all children, despite their nationality or ethnic background especially in today's increasing global environment. Through the animated characters of Rahul and Selena, the viewer is intrigued to learn more as they go through on their adventures. I will definitely recommend this video to friends and colleagues and can’t wait for the other languages to come out!”
Teacher – Brisbane, Australia 

"Rahul and Selena's Adventure in India is an interactive and educational video that I value and feel grateful for. As an Indo-Canadian in an inter-racial marriage, a video of this type is not only helpful but required in order to help preserve our language and heritage since Hindi is not spoken on a daily basis within our home. It not only is for kids but for adults too!!! This video provides an easy and inspiring way to learn the basics of the language. The need for a video of this nature and caliber exists and will continue to persist with our generation and generations to come. It is entertaining, instructive and is a great original resource!"
Vancouver, Canada

Our Grandchildren have loved Rahul and Selena’s Adventure in India & have already picked up so many words in Hindi. Finally our family relations make sense to them! We feel it will be a great asset for young couples living in North America to teach children their mother tongue & keep their roots alive. 
Grandparents – Toronto, Canada

My three year old granddaughter loves this video. She especially loves dancing to the Hokey Pokey using her newly learned words! In my assessment, this video is an excellent primer for children who want to be exposed to Indian culture and language. Even for kids growing up in “Indian” families, it provides a more structured learning experience.
Grandfather - Raleigh, NC

"The best time for a child to learn a new language is in their toddler years....  And, a great medium to introduce a new language is through the use of interactive language videos such as Rahul and Selena’s Adventure in India.  Ms. Jaya Suri- Singh has created a language video that reflects todays' childrens' interests AND parents' interests of sharing Indian culture.  The video can be enjoyed by all members of the family! As a pediatrician, I recommend using this video along with conversation exercises to teach Hindi at home."
Shefali Parmar, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician Durham, North Carolina


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